COR Recovery Shelter

C.O.R. Recovery Shelter (Prevention)


Community Oriented Recovery will offer what we call a “Recovery Shelter” to those who are getting out of the ER from an overdose and/or someone who has left detox and needs a safe place to stay until they enter into a program of their choice. Community Oriented Recovery will offer other services to the clients we serve at the Recovery Shelter but it is not an obligation for them to enter into any of those services C.O.R. can offer. According to a study conducted by the University of Akron in 2018, it was found that the biggest gap in the recovery continuum of services was a bridge house or a recovery shelter. We lose a lot of people that overdose and go to the Emergency Room that have no safe place to go once they leave the hospital. This is what we would consider to be a Prevention Service. This also applies to somebody leaving detox in need of treatment. Sometimes when a person leaves a detox facility they are in need of a few things before entering any treatment program. These things can include but are not limited to State ID’s, insurance, Social Security Card, etc. Once the client arrives at the Recovery Shelter they will have the option to eat, bathe, and prepare their sleep space with the approved belongings the clients will be permitted to have. For safety concerns of other temporary residents and the staff overseeing the Recovery Shelter and the operations within, clients will be provided the option to have clothes laundered for them upon entering the facility. The staff will provide temporary clothing while the approved clothing the client brought is laundered. The client will also have the option to be transported to pick out a few clothing items if they do not have a comfortable supply of clothes. The stay at this level is temporary. Clients will be housed and provided Case Management, Assessment, Individual and Group Peer Support and Supplemental Behavioral Health Services.  If the client is found in need of any level of Treatment, the C.O.R. staff member who is assisting the client will provide a range of options to receive the treatment they are in need of, or are requesting they receive.  All we want to do here is provide a safe place for person(s) to prevent a potential hazard while waiting on a safe place to go; environmental triggers can sometimes be the thing that puts them back to using. Once they feel comfortable with moving forward with a treatment option the staff at C.O.R. will do our best to safely and comfortably transition them into their next phase.

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