2018 Community Report

It was a wonderful first year for Community Oriented Recovery. We were blessed enough to have served 95 clients in 2018. It has been a pleasure to watch the organization grow, but this was not done without the startup pains of a business. In this scenario C.O.R. operated at bare minimum cost with the CEO/President and Vice President opting to volunteer their time during the start up phases, and most of the staff at C.O.R. gave their time and effort to help others with no pay.  This is what C.O.R. stands for. Showing up for others as they showed up for us. The true pay off in our organization, is watching others recover, and sharing the word that there is true hope for every single individual that seeks help. We look forward to updating everyone as we move forward and progress through 2019! We can not stress enough how grateful we are for the support that we were shown within our first year and continuing on, WE could not have made it to this point without YOU. Below you can find our fiscal report of 2018 and an attached downloadable PDF of our first years reporting and statistics. 

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